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DeWalt DW735X 13" Two-Speed Planer Package

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DeWalt DW735X 13" Two-Speed Planer Package is now one of the most sought after DEWALT Planers. 

DeWalt DW735X comes with powerful amp motor which will make the equipment so much efficient in providing you with the features you are looking for in a planer. In addition to that, DeWalt DW735X is built with 3 knife cutting head which will provide you with 30% even longer knife life as compared to the other selections available in the market today. 

This property of DeWalt DW735X also makes it execute its indication and functions faster as well as easier. 

The overall weight of the product is about 105 pounds. 

This is heavier but is loaded with the features present only in the best and the most excellent planers you can purchase in the market. 

The height is 18 inches and its width is about 22 inches. 

These properties make it one of the most in demand planers for many people. In fact, this is being recommended by many people from the different parts of the world who have tried numerous planers previously.

If you are interested to purchase DeWalt DW735X, it is important that you will know its price range so that you have an idea in mind the exact amount that you will spend in buying the product. 

Particularly, this is offered in price range from $999.99 up to $1,118.00. 

This usually comes with one year warranty covering most of the problems in terms of its functions. 

This is perfect for people who are looking for the best planers that they can use in maintaining 

the organization and the beauty of their lawn. 

Product Features

  • DeWalt DW735X is made with 15 AMP motor which will provide large cuts as based from the typical planer that you can purchase in online stores.
  • Aside from that, this also comes with cutter head which is 30% larger as based from the other knives being used by other planers.
  • DeWalt DW735X also comes with gear box which will offer you with speed optimizing cuts making your cutting experience a lot efficient and more satisfactorily.
  • The machine also comes with fan assisted chip ejection which will offer you with even more powerful cutting time.

This also comes with outfeed and infeed tables as well as additional set of knives. 

This will provide you with even more powerful output as based from the other selections present. 




There is a specific customer which stated that DeWalt DW735X is an excellent purchase. 

The Planer will truly do everything you expect from it. In fact, this will surpass your expectations and will perform even better job. 

In addition to that, there is a customer who stated that DeWalt DW735X is an upgrade of some DEWALT planers. 

This is due to incorporation of additional innovative features making the product a lot amazing and highly useful. 

The durability of the product is also one of its best. 

This makes the product even more long lasting as based from the other selections present. 

These are just among the possible positives or pros that you can expect from this product.



To identify if DeWalt DW735X is one of the best purchase for you, it is also important that you will learn some of the negatives of the product. 

The only concern that most people love about this machine is that this comes with greater weight than the usual DEWALT planers. 

This is even heavier as based from the other products. 

Other than this, there are no additional cons or flaws that you can expect when you are planning to use this product. 

This still provides you more positive features than its negatives.

Customer Reviews and Scores

To determine if the DeWalt DW735X is a nice option, it is important that you will understand some of the scores given by people who have used the product before. 

As of the moment, there are 17 DeWalt DW735X reviews present in Amazon. Out of these 17 reviews, there are 13 which gave the product with 5 stars. 

On the other hand, there are 3 which gave the item with 4 stars and only 1 which gave DeWalt DW735X with 1 star. 

If you will read most of the reviews, the product earned positive reviews. 

The average rating of this planer is 4.6 out of 5.0 stars.


Surely, you will agree that DeWalt DW735X is still one of the best DEWALT planers for you. This will provide you with so many exciting features giving you with the best level of satisfaction. 

The features of this machine are all high class so you will definitely feel a great deal of contentment. 

Yet, it is important that you will look for original products so that you will enjoy the features of the product excellently. 

Amazon is one of the best examples of the site where you can get authentic products.

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Eric O'connor

Eric O'connor

DeWalt DW735X is one of the best Planers i ever used, I had two Planers before and finely this one is getting the job done professionally.

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